Povilas Daniusis

Address: Tübingen
Room number: 205
Phone: 558
E-Mail: daniusis
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Povilas Daniusis

Position: Diplom Student  Unit: Alumni Schölkopf

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Articles (1):

Janzing D Person, Mooij J Person, Zhang K Person, Lemeire J , Zscheischler J Person, Daniušis P Person, Steudel B Person and Schölkopf B Person (2012) Information-geometric approach to inferring causal directions Artificial Intelligence 182-183 1-31.

Conference papers (1):

Daniusis P Person, Janzing D Person, Mooij J Person, Zscheischler J Person, Steudel B Person, Zhang K Person and Schölkopf B Person (2010) Inferring deterministic causal relations In: Proceedings of the 26th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, (Ed) P Grünwald and P Spirtes, UAI 2010, AUAI Press, Corvallis, OR, USA, 143-150.

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