Philipp Drewe

Room number: FML 0.05
Phone: +49-7071-601-822
E-Mail: philipp.drewe
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Philipp Drewe

Position: Diplom Student  Unit: 

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Articles (2):

Gan XC , Stegle O Person, Behr J Person, Steffen JG , Drewe P Person, Hildebrand KL , Lyngsoe R , Schultheiss SJ Person, Osborne EJ , Sreedharan VT Person, Kahles A Person, Bohnert R Person, Jean G Person, Derwent P , Kersey P , Belfield EJ , Harberd NP , Kemen E , Toomajian C , Kover PX , Clark RM , Rätsch G Person and Mott R (2011) Multiple reference genomes and transcriptomes for Arabidopsis thaliana Nature 477(7365) 419–423.
Stegle O Person, Drewe P Person, Bohnert R , Borgwardt K Person and Rätsch G Person (2010) Statistical Tests for Detecting Differential RNA-Transcript Expression from Read Counts Nature Precedings 2010 1-11.

Theses (1):

Drewe P Person: Hierarchical Clustering and Density Estimation Based on k-nearest-neighbor graphs, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany, (2009). Diplom thesis

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